Trinket Box - Tasmanian Myrtle

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This trinket box is made from Tasmanian Myrtle and Cypress Pine timbers with a Red River Gum veneer lid.

To open the lid you push down on one side so the opposite side lifts up and you can get your finders underneath the lid to lift it off. This style gives the box a clean look without any handles or pulls protruding from the lid.

The box is finished with a few coats of Danish Oil and then hand rubbed with fine steel wool and bees wax to get a soft satin sheen.

Outer Dimensions:- L190mm x W120mm x H85mm

Interior Dimensions:- L162mm x W92mm x H62mm (H48mm on the low side)

Note: This box is handcrafted from natural timbers which may contain small defects such as small insect holes, wood knots, and variations in colour. This however does not cause any issues to the structure of the unit.

This listing is for the trinket box only. The items shown inside and around the box are for display purposes only and to help judge the scale of the box.